We did it!

[Friday 1st March 2024]

A huge thank you to everyone who has backed The Great Dream! Not only did we reach our funding goal but we also passed our stretch goal of £1,000 and so - as well as the listed rewards - all backers will be receiving an exclusive Dungeon Rune wallpaper!


[Thursday 1st February 2024]

The Dungeon Rune "The Great Dream" Kickstarter has just launched! Find out more at

The Unofficial History of Sacha Timony

[Monday 1st January 2024]

Listen to the wonderful Lyris Saraswati read The Unofficial History of Sacha Timony here: And check out the links to find out how to vote on where Sacha should go next!

Scales of Justice

[Monday 3rd July 2023]

Listen to the wonderful Ennatos read Scales of Justice here:

Skeleton Crew

[Monday 22nd May 2023]

Listen to the wonderful Brendan Lorenzo read Skeleton Crew here:


[Friday 21st April 2023]

You can now listen to my stories on Spotify! Here:

Den of Thieves

[Monday 10th April 2023]

Listen to the wonderful Skye Alley read Den of Thieves here:

At the Sign of the Running Horse

[Wednesday 1st March 2023]

Listen to the brilliant Troy Dolynuik read At the Sign of the Running Horse here:


[Monday 27th February 2023]

Listen to my stories brought to life by some wonderful voice actors and narrators! Featuring music by the amazing Gioele Fazzeri:


[Wednesday 15th February 2023]

The Mithrym site is now back and with more content, downloads and tools than ever before! Create and manage your characters online as well as sharing them with friends and other players:

Dungeon Rune

[Wednesday 1st February 2023]

Check out Dungeon Rune! A new, creative commons RPG system designed to be fully extendable and adaptable to any project. Sample adventures and character sheets are also available:

Jimmy Reads

[Sunday 1st January 2023]

I will be reading a mix of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Poetry every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Listen in for Grimm Fairytales, War of the Worlds, Alice in Wonderland and a selection of great historic poems: